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TM 1000-4000


The TM Series massagers are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, with a variable speed drum, continuous vacuum and reverse discharge function. The Busch vacuum pump is protected by an integrated liquid trap system. Ideal machine for marinating a variety of products. Improves quality and increases productivity resulting in higher profit margins.

• Single phase pump motor(up to 100m3/h)
• Pump upgrade
• Voltage
• Buggy (200L,300L)
• Buggy dumper
• Suction tank
• Custom sizes available


MODELS                            TM–1000                 TM–1500               TM–2000               TM–3000                   TM–4000

Massager Capacity            1000 lbs./454kg           1500 lbs./680kg          2000 lbs./900kg       3000 lbs./1360kg        4000 lbs./1814kg

Vacuum Pump Capacity       63m3/h(3hp)                 63m3/h(3hp)            100m3/h(5hp)           202m3/h(8hp)                202m3/h(8hp)

Voltage                                230V/3ph/60Hz /           230V/3ph/60Hz /       230V/3ph/60Hz /      230V/3ph/60Hz /         230V/3ph/60Hz /

                                           20amp                       20amp                   30amp                   30amp                        33amp

Machine Size
WxLxH                                43"x76"x67"                   50"x80"x70"             54"x89"x78"               62"x97"x87"                62"x123"x82"

Machine Weight               1430 lbs.(650kg)           1760 lbs.(800kg)       2750 lbs.(1250kg)       3520 lbs.(1600kg)     3960 lbs.(1800kg)

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