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SIPROMAC has one model of dip tank, which holds 45 gallons of water, and two heat shrink tunnels with a buffer tank that can hold 63 to 70 gallons of water.

The dip tank reservoir is heated electrically in the manner of a water heater.

The heat shrink tunnels are equipped with a conveyor and an electrically- or steam-heated shower that can spray products from the top or bottom. The horizontally adjustable conveyor allows the heat shrink tunnels to be integrated into a packaging line. The tank is insulated to save energy.

Model ST-2500 is the perfect complement for Sipromac automatic vacuum packaging machines 500A, 500D and 750A.


Advantages of Sipromac heat shrink tunnels and dip tanks


Easy to use

To use the dip tank, simply place the product to be packaged onto the grill and press a button.


Impeccable packaging

The protective film is moulded to the shape of the product to give it a pleasing appearance. The final package, which has no folds and practically no edges, increases the firmness of the product and makes it easier to handle. This type of packaging is ideal for relatively soft or fragile foods.



Compact and economical, the dip tank is suitable for a large or small production output. The heat shrink tunnel is recommended for mass or chain production.


Easy to maintain

Made entirely of stainless steel parts, this equipment has smooth, readily accessible surfaces that can be easily cleaned to respect the most stringent sanitary standards.

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