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TCM Series


• Enhances overall product quality (color, appearance, bite, and texture) for increased customer appeal
• Improves product yields for increased revenue.
• Increases production.
• Suitable for mixing minced meat, minced fish and ham with seasoning.
• Suitable for soy protein and gluten protein, combine water or oil for emulsification.
• Suitable for meat and vegetable cutting


Standard Features:
• 6 Knives for High-Quality Production
• Two Speed Bowl Control
• Variable Speed Knife
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bowl Construction
• Safety Bowl Break Mechanism
• Product Discharge System
• Digital Temp Display
• Digital water resistant control panel (IP 56)

• Variable Speed Bowl Control
• Voltage


MODELS                               TCM–65A                           TCM–130                               TCM–330

Bowl Capacity                    65L / 14.3gal                     130L / 28.6gal                         330L / 72.5gal

Working Ability                     43kg/90lbs                       100kg/220lbs                            240kg/500lbs

Motor Rating Knives                25HP                                   40HP                                      100HP

Motor Rating Bowl                   .5HP                                     2HP                                          3HP

Motor Rating Discharge          .5HP                                     2HP                                           5HP

Knife Rotation                     0-4200rpm                          0-4200rpm                                0-3000rpm

Bowl Rotation                10/20rpm (60Hz)                 9.5/19rpm (60Hz)                       9.5/19rpm (60Hz)
                                        8/16rpm (50Hz)                    8/16rpm (50Hz)                         8/16rpm (50Hz)

Electric Power Supply   220v / 3ph / 50/60Hz         220v / 3ph / 50/60Hz                 220v / 3ph / 50/60Hz

Dimensions                     57.4"x51.5"x52.7"                 86.4"x74.8"x53"                       122"x98.4"x62.5"
                                     1460x1310x1340mm         2200x1900x1350mm                  3100x2500x1590mm

Weight                            900kg (1980lbs)                 2900kg (6380lbs)                         4500kg (9900lbs)

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