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Sipromac offers 3 models of thermoformers, witha range of 320 to 640mm, to meet your production needs. They produce flexible as well as semi-ridge packaging suitable for food and the medical industries. These machines are ideal for production where efficiency and speed are required.

A number of basic and optional features are offered for Sipromac thermoformers to accommodate a wide range of products. Sipromac can also build customized thermoformers to meet your specific needs.





Advantages of Sipromac thermoformers


Cost-effective maintenance

With their high-quality parts and solid structure designed to prevent premature wear, Sipromac thermoformers have the lowest annual maintenance cost in the industry.


The chassis, constructed of a solid piece of stainless steel, has a 10 year  guarantee.


Easy to use

Sipromac thermoformers are controlled by a touch-screen panel with a user-friendly interface. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to load and operate.


Easy to maintain

Sipromac thermoformers are made with rustproof components that are easily removable for thorough cleaning in order to respect the most stringent sanitation standards.

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