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SC420 / SC520


• Stainless steel construction
• BUSCH USA vacuum pump
• Bladder activated sealing
• PD-01 Digital Control Board
• Air assist
• Choice of seal:
    • 6mm extra wide seal or
    • Seal with electric cut-off

PNC-01 Computerized water resistant control panel (IP-56, 12 programs with oil indicator)
• Gas Flush
• Voltage
• Top and bottom seal
• Soft air


MODEL                                      SC–420LR                                                 SC–520LR

Chamber Sizes                       19.8"/505mm                                               23.6"/600mm
                                               19.2"/490mm                                                23.6"/600mm

Chamber Height                  5"+4"/75+230mm                                        3"+5"/75+200mm

Distance Between-

Seal Bars                             14.5"/370mm                                                    18"/450mm

Seal Bar Length               16.9"x 2/430mm                                               21.3"x 2/540mm

Vacuum Pump-

Capacity                           21m3/h (1–1/4hp)                                           21m3/h (1–1/4hp)

Voltage                    110V / 1ph / 60Hz / 16amp                                 110V / 1ph / 60Hz / 16amp

Machine Size
L x W x H                            21"x22"x36"                                                     
                                     522x552x916mm                                                615x756x916mm

Machine Weight            234 lbs. (106kg)                                                 310 lbs. (140kg)


From $4,470

Call for Special Offer

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