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Sipromac cryogenic freezers comprise an adjustable ventilation system and high-density semi-rigid rock wool insulation.

The integrated liquid nitrogen system (LIN) of these cryogenic freezers can rapidly freeze or cool foods so as to preserve their characteristics and properties.

CSA approved Sipromac cryogenic freezers have electronic controls, including a temperature sensor and a screen displaying the time remaining for and duration of the operating cycle.


Advantages of using cryogenic freezers


Superior performance

The temperature of the cryogen (-320°F/-196°C), combined with an efficient ventilation system, quickly cools or freezes food while keeping product weight loss through evaporation to a minimum.


Cost effective

Perfect for a small and mid-size production output, Sipromac cryogenic freezers represent an excellent and efficient return on investment.


Easy to install

All that is required to install these compact freezers are an electrical power source, gas venting system and nitrogen supply.


Easy to maintain

The seamless welded stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and sanitize the inside of the freezers in conformity with FDA, USDA and CFIA requirements.

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