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Tabletop Models


Vacuum packaging machines

Tabletop models


SIPROMAC has seven tabletop vacuum packaging machines of different sizes that are ideal for small or start-up businesses with a low production output.

When space is limited, these compact tabletop machines are the perfect solution.

Sipromac tabletop vacuum packaging machines allow hotels, restaurants, grocery stores and butcher’s shops to package meat, poultry, fish, cheese and other foodstuffs impeccably, every time. In addition, these machines are well-suited for packaging pharmaceuticals, medicine or laboratory items, as well as a variety of products from the electronic and institutional sectors (printed circuit boards, cash, clothing, etc.).


Advantages of Sipromac tabletop vacuum packaging machines



These stainless steel machines are made with sturdy parts, including a Busch pump, for greater reliability.


Easy to use

Each tabletop model has a user-friendly digital parameter display and diagnostics option. A simple two-step process is all that is required to operate a Sipromac tabletop machine!



Sipromac vacuum packaging machines are NSF, CSA, UL and ETL certified. Designed for easy cleaning, these machines respect the most stringent hygiene and sanitation standards in the industry.

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