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Automatic, semi-automatic and manual models


Sipromac has four models of tray sealers, one of which is a manual countertop model (TS-15) for sealing trays without modified atmosphere packaging. Two of the other models are automatic, and the last is semi-automatic.

These Sipromac machines wrap each tray with plastic film, which can be up to 700 mm thick with model TS-70-3, and cut the film once the product is hermetically sealed.

Tray sealer accessories may be changed quickly without special tools.


Advantages of tray sealers



Tray sealers are used to package food products, industrial articles and medical supplies.


Flexible and reliable

Sipromac tray sealers can accommodate trays of any type or size for small, medium or large production output. These machines are made with high-quality parts, including a Busch vacuum pump.


Superior performance

Sipromac automatic and semi-automatic tray sealers have an MAP packaging system to preserve the freshness and colour of food over a longer period.


Easy to maintain

Sipromac tray sealers are sturdy machines made of stainless steel components that can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.

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