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MSK Series Injectors


The MSK series Brine Injectors will fit virtually any injecting application. Each model incorporates a pressure adjustable needle head, which allows for precise control for bone-in or boneless products. The variable speed head operates at up to 50 strokes per minute. Brine bypass system gives operator full adjustment of pump pressure, which provides a minimum product pick-up of approximately 8% if required. Once injector is adjusted consistent pick-up is maintained batch after batch. Our MSK series consists of a triple filtration system, which includes a portable stainless steel brine tank.

• Stainless Steel Construction
• Stainless Steel Brine Tank
• Stainless Steel Centrifugal brine pump
• Brine Mixer (MSK44)
• Variable Speed motor drive, up to 50 strokes per minute
• Tenderizer head available (MSK12)
• Easy to read and operate controls
• Easy to clean design with removable injection heads
• Walking beam conveyer(MSK22/44)
• Closed Brine Circulation System
• Triple brine filtration


               MODEL                SMSK–12                MSK–22                 MSK–44

Injection Needles                     12                            22                            44

Motor Power                          .75kw                       2.2kw                      2.2kw

Brine Pump Power                .37kw                       1.1kw                      1.85kw

Walking Beam Width         10"/245mm              12"/305mm             16"/406mm

Speed                            30~60 stoke/min     30~60 stoke/min       30~60 stoke/min

Product Clearance           8"/203mm                 10"/250mm               10"/250mm

Pressure Rating               0-35 PS                       I0-60 PSI                  0-60 PSI

Brine Tank Capacity       60L/16gal                   140L/31gal                 200L/53gal

Machine Size
L x W x H                      61"x29"x69"                 85"x32"x80"               87"x36"x80"

                               1285x728x1744mm       2159x813x2032mm     2209x915x2032mm



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