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HTS 95


The HTS 95 was specifically designed for the requirments of a craft buisness. By minimizing the residual quantity in the hopper manufacturers can change between different products quickly and efficiently and produce a large variety of products. This is achieved by the use of a powerful vacuum pump, a specially shaped feeder curve in the hopper and the smooth passage to the conveying system. The compact conveying mechanism further enhances the machine's efficiency. The wear-resistant materials used for the coveying mechanism guarentee long durability and are able to meet high-performance requirments. The HTS 95 features a 90-liter tiltable hopper as standard equipment to ensure quick filling and easy cleaning. Various accessory devices and clip machines can be controlled via an optional signal connector.


Special Features

  • Compact and Robust construction

  • Efficient operation

  • Minimal Residue

  • Easy Change of Products

  • Ergonomical Design

  • Modern Touch-screen-control

  • High Precision of portioning

  • 3000 Kg/h Filling Capacity

  • 35 bar filling pressure

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