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Electronic Bowl Cutters

K80v, K120v LITERS


  • Made entirely of stainless steel.

  • Thick cast stainless steel bowl.

  • Electronically variable, high knife speeds; 1000-4000 rpm.

  • 2-3 independent motors.

  • Standard forward and reverse, slow knife mixing speed.

  • 24 V, water resistant electrical unit.

  • Automatic knife brake.

  • Thermally protected, electric knife motor.

  • Interchangeable 6 and 3 knife head with compensation rings.

  • Digital dough thermometer.

  • Motorized, opening and closing knife cover.

  • Folding plastic anti-noise cover with CE automatic speed reduction when opened.

  • Closed base.

  • Easy cleaning.


          Motorized unloader.


From $48,250

Call for Special Offer


From $56,937

Call for Special Offer

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