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HTS 450


The HTS 450 was specifically designed for the high performance requirments of industrial enterprises, for which a high output and exact portioning are of great significance. By using a rotor with blind vanes, large pieces of meat can be conveyed carefully and gently without impairing their quality. In this way, top-quality products with an even slice appearence can be produced. Only the best materials are used for the machine, in particular for the conveying system, to ensure long durability, even in companies running two or three shifts. The dynamic HTS power drive has sufficient power reserves, even for compact and frozen masses. An additional servo motor for the feeder drive in the hopper further increases performance. An efficient vacuum pump ensures a constant feeding of the conveying system and maximum evacuation. The high-speed twisting device further increases the output.


Special Features

  • HIgh production output

  • High-speed linking systems

  • Large vane cells

  • High precision of portioning

  • High performance reserves

  • 10000Kg/h filling capacity

  • 45 bar filling pressure

  • 350 litres hopper capacity


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