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Fillers and Stuffers


Hydraulic Fillers/Stuffers

15, 20, 26, 31, 42, 52 LITERS


  • High pressure suitable for dense and cold mixtures.

  • Speed control knob situated near the operator for precise adjustment.

  • Release of the knee lever causes piston decompression and instantly stops the product flow.

  • Comfortable knee lever operation allows the user to keep hands free.

  • Double sealed piston (except H42/H52), easily removable.

  • Separate hydraulic oil reservoir.

  • Wheels and handle for easy movement.

  • Easy cleaning.

  • Three standard s/s nozzles/horns ø 12, 20 & 30 mm.

  • Robust, machine rounded fixed meat barrel with easily removable piston.

  • Automatic lid lock without handles.

  • Pressure gauge.


MODELS A-automatic: 

  • Automatic motor-pump, start and stop by micro-switch when the knee lever is pressed.

  • Water resistant electrical unit.


MODELS “i”-switch: 

     Manual start and stop switch


Starting at $4,995



Starting at $9,995

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