Double Chamber Series


• Stainless steel construction
• Flat chamber for easy cleaning
• Busch USA vacuum pumps
• PNC-1 Computerized water resistant control panel (IP 56) (except DC-530)
• PD-01 (DC-530)
• 10mm wide seal
• Bladder activated sealing
• High-density plastic filler plates
• Pump overload warning indicator
• Oil change indicator
• Heavy-duty casters
• Air assist
• Automatic lid transfer (DC-900)

Single Phase motor available up to 100m3/h(5hp)
• Gas flush
• Top and bottom seal
• Chamber height
• Mechanical knife cut-off system
• Automatic lid transfer (DC-530/640/800/860)
• Voltage
• Pump size
• Gas flush
• Pump horsepower upgrade
• Top and bottom seal


MODELS                        DC–530                        DC–640               DC–650                 DC–800                 DC–860                   DC–900

Chamber Sizes            30"/760mm                  32"/808mm         32.2"/818mm         38.5"/980mm       40.9"/1040mm         48"/1220mm
                                   23.6"/600mm                29"/730mm          35"/889mm             31.1"/790mm      40.7"/1035mm        41"/1040mm

Depth                          7"/178mm                     8"/200mm             8"/200mm               8"/200mm           10"/255mm             12"/305mm

Distance Between
Seal Bars                 17"/430mm                     22"/560mm           28"/715mm            24"/610mm           33"/838mm              35"/880mm

Seal Bar
Length                   21.2"x4/540mm             25.2"x4/640mm    25.2"x4/640mm    31.5"x4/800mm3    4.6"x4/880mm   39.3"x4/1000mm

Vacuum Pump
Capacity                  40m3/h (2hp)               63m3/h (3hp)       100m3/h (5hp)       100m3/h (5hp)     302m3/h (12hp)    302m3/h (12hp)

Voltage                 230V/3ph/60Hz /         230V/3ph/60Hz /    230V/3ph/60Hz /   230V/3ph/60Hz / 230V/3ph/60Hz /    230V/3ph/60Hz /

                                  9amp                             11amp                   18amp                  18amp                   42amp                     42amp

Machine Weight   657 lbs. (298kg)          908 lbs. (412kg)     1216 lbs. (552kg)   1195 lbs. (572kg)   2100 lbs. (955kg)     2332 lbs.



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