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Automatic Machines


Vacuum packaging machines

Automatic models


Sipromac has three models of automatic vacuum packaging machines with very large chambers and an interesting range of options. Made entirely of stainless steel parts, these machines are easy to clean, meaning they can be used in facilities with the most stringent hygiene standards.

Sipromac automatic vacuum packaging machines are easy to operate.

These reliable machines, specially designed for chain production, may be integrated into conveyor packaging operations. A Sipromac automatic vacuum packaging machine may be connected to a Sipromac heat shrink tunnel to enhance the appearance of your products.


Advantages of Sipromac automatic vacuum packaging machines



These high-quality machines are made with sturdy parts for greater reliability.


Large output

As loading and unloading of the vacuum chamber is done by conveyor, these machines are suitable for chain production.


Adjustable setting parameters

Users can set their operating parameters by adjusting the height of the sealing bars, the speed of the conveyor and the level of the vacuum chamber. Sealing time may also be adjusted to ensure the package seal is solid and long-lasting.


Esthetic sealing

A first welding apparatus seals the package, and a second trims any excess material along the welding seam.

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