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Gas Cookers

RGA - 160, 250, 330, 500 LITRES



Despite higher procurement, installation and maintenance costs when compared to electric cookers, gas cookers operate at a lower cost per kcal than their electric counterparts. Gas cookers must, however, be installed only by insured, licensed professionals, do require professional degree of technical planning prior to installation according local codes and need periodic maintenance/inspections.


New and enhanced features of our RGA series:

  • Greater kcal gas power improves cooking times. Stainless steel burners.

  • Advanced, fully automatic gas ignition by multi spark discharge without pilot light.

  • Time required to heat chamber filled with cold water, from 20°C to 90ºC:

  • Echtermann (German manufactured) taps built into the front for direct filling with either hot or cold water. The ability to fill with hot water significantly reduces cooking time.

  • An Echtermann Germany hinge allows the cover to remain open at any angle (up to 90°) and to close effortlessly.

  • An Echtermann Germany front draining tap with safety to prevent accidental opening.

  • Two internal safety thermostats: one automatic and adjustable; the other fixed with manual reset.


Other advanced features:

  • All stainless steel AISI304 construction, included interior.

  • All models include intermediate stainless steel thermal oil chamber, internal expansion chamber, Shell high performance thermal fluid and internal drainage tap. This thermal oil chamber allows uniform heat distribution, better cooking and practically eliminates the possibility of burning foods.

  • All models have an Aditec control unit, mounted on a 7m separate switchboard, that allows precise programming of time & temperature and delayed start-up with up to-99 hours countdown. • A buzzer alerts at the end of cycle.

  • Easy to clean exterior and interior (rectangular container has rounded corners).

  • NGI Demark s/s rounded and adjustable feet to precisely level the cooker.

  • Legs provide 15 cm floor clearance for perfect cleaning.

  • High quality foamy silicone cover gasket.

  • Sides and cover insulated with fireproof fiberglass and aluminium sheathing.

  • Fireproof silicone wiring.

  • Must be installed only by a licensed gas technician. Installation requires: a commercial flue to exhaust combustion gases/smoke, 230V single phase electrical outlet, access to hot/cold water and drainage system.

  • Gas certified class B11 equipment by Applus+ EU gas testing laboratory.



  • Stainless steel basket ø8 mm holes (requires hoist for extraction).

  • Additional manual probe to measure core temperature of large pieces.

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