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Sipromac has seven models of massagers with a large holding capacity ranging from 500 to 10 000 lb. The smooth and readily accessible surfaces can be easily cleaned in compliance with the most stringent FDA and CFIA sanitary standards.

The helicoidal paddle turns gently so as to massage such fragile products as fish or chicken without harming them. Sipromac massagers marinate food in a continuous vacuum for superior results.


Advantages of Sipromac massagers



These machines, of stainless steel construction (chassis, drum, accessories, etc.), are made of sturdy parts, including a Busch pump, for greater reliability.


Easy to use

Fast vacuum loading (optional feature)* and simple unloading by reversing step-by-step motor. * Not available for model VT-500


Superior performance

Having foods marinate in a continuous vacuum gives better results than by using a standard massager.


Innovative design

The helicoidal paddle allows products to be massaged gently to ensure fragile foods like chicken or seafood stay intact.

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