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VT109 Tray/Cup Sealer

• Auto/ Semi-Automatic Operation
• Sensor/ Counter Film Indexing
• Individual temp. controls
• Air pressure regulator
• Up to 10 cycles per min.

• Custom Tray/ Cup die set
• Floor stand


MODEL                          VT–106                               VT–109

Tray Size                    7.7"/196mm                         7.7"/196mm

Film Web

(Maximum)                8.5"/216mm                          8.5"/216mm

Voltage                   110V/1ph/60hz                     110V/1ph/60hz

Machine Size
(LxWxH)                 14" x 13" x 12"                      
20" x 14" x 28"
                    355mm x 330mm x 305mm     508mm x 355mm x 711mm

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