Sipromac has four models of injectors (one manual and three automatic) whose injection capacity ranges from 6 to 27 gallons a minute. Each injector is equipped with a high-quality corrosion-resistant pump and stainless steel brine tank.

The brine or marinade is only injected once the needles are inserted into the meat, and again as they are being withdrawn. Ideal for large pieces of meat such as ham, Sipromac injectors can tenderize and enhance the flavour of both in-bone and boneless cuts.

For better results, it is recommended that meat injected with marinade be tumbled and massaged.


Advantages of Sipromac injectors


Superior performance

Injection occurs only after the needles are inserted into the meat and as they are being withdrawn.


The injection rate and conveyor speed are controlled by a microprocessor.



Designed for a small production output, the manual Sipromac injector has the same features as the more expensive models. The automatic Sipromac injectors are perfect for a large production output or chain production.


Easy to maintain

Sturdy and reliable, Sipromac injectors are made of stainless steel components that can be easily removed for thorough cleaning.