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VT400 / VT570 MAP Tray Sealers

• Heavy duty stainless steel construction
• Semi-automatic operation
• Automatic film advance and cutting system
• PNC-01 computerized water resistant control panel (IP 56)(12 programs with oil indicator)
• Printed film registration system
• Busch USA vacuum pump

• Single phase motor
• Pump size
• Voltage
• Custom sized machines available


MODEL                               VT–400                                VT–570

Tray Sizes                     7.7"/196mm                           7.7"/196mm
                                      5.7"/145mm                           5.7"/145mm

Tray Height                   3.5"/255mm                            3.5"/255mm

Film Diameter

(Maximum)                    10"/90mm                                10"/90mm

Film Width

(Maximum)                 19.6"/500mm                            19.6"/500mm

Vacuum Pump-

Capacity                    40m3/h(2 hp)                             63m3/h(3 hp)

Voltage            230V/3ph/60Hz / 30amp              230V/3ph/60Hz / 10amp

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